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We challenge you to challenge MS

Here at the MS Society, we host a full suite of fundraising events throughout the year, and across the country. You may have heard of some of them – think MS Walk, MS Bike, and MS Read-a-Thon, to name just a few. We know large scale events aren’t everybody’s cup o’ tea. That’s why we created I Challenge MS.

I Challenge MS is any personal activity, event or gathering geared at raising money and awareness for Canadians affected by MS. It’s a chance for you to get creative in the ways you decide to join the fight to endMS. Whether you’re hosting a small event for your family & friends, or maybe your colleagues, or doing something big and flashy that’s open to the public,  you get to have fun and improve #LifeWithMS for Canadians at the same time.

I Challenge MS lives online here. Registering online grants you access to an incredible library of resources and tips. The platform will provides you with a space to share updates about your challenge, and easily gather secure donations.  Think about it as a one-stop event hub – you can invite people to participate and donate, share details of your event, post pictures, and more!

I Challenge MS is split up into three categories: Personal Challenges, Workplace Challenges, and events with Friends and Family.  Each category presents unique engagement possibilities; here are a few ideas to kick-start your brainstorming.

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Host a sports event. Hosting a golf tournament or baseball game is a great way to involve your friends and family. Have some fun in the sun and help make a difference.

Participate in a half marathon- get fit and raise money…what could be better?

Have a cook-off- or be the official taste tester of all of your friends’ best dishes!

Host a concert where all proceeds are donated to your I Challenge MS webpage

Get fancy and host a black tie gala

Who doesn’t love treats? Host a bake sale at work!

Keep it simple with a walking race- remember, slow and steady always wins!

What about a little dinner and dancing? Host a dinner party and get down on the dance floor!

 Who needs gifts, anyway? On your birthday, have all of your guests donate to your I Challenge MS webpage.

One man’s junk is some other man’s treasure. Clean out your house and have a garage sale!

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Choose your challenge!

Establish your fundraising goal and don’t be afraid to dream big. Set your goal high- this is your chance to Challenge MS.

Share your personal stories and pictures with your friends and family. Encourage your supporters to make online donations directly through your webpage.

Promote, promote, promote! Phone calls, flyers, emails, and social media are all great ways to advertise your event and help make it successful.

Ask far and ask wide. Ask everyone you know for support in your I Challenge MS event.

Whatever you decide to do, we’d love to help! Go to ichallengems.ca or contact Dana Hansen at dana.hansen@mssociety.ca for a little help getting started.

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