It’s only getting better: Three ways your donations have helped fund advancements in MS Research

The thing is, Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis in the world, making MS a Canadian problem. It’s why we have the best MS researchers on the job to fix it. We are getting closer through advancements in research, like the three targeted efforts listed below – all zoning in on a cure or helping those living with MS live better until the cure is found. All you need to do is keep up the momentum.

Today is Giving Tuesday. Today is an international day of giving and people around the world are giving to a cause close to their heart. We hope you’ll make a donation today to end Canada’s disease: multiple sclerosis.

Canadian BMT Trial
Drs. Mark Freedman and Harry Atkins from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute led a trial to determine whether transplanting bone marrow stem cells in people with MS can stop the disease. Outcomes of the trial revealed patients who had highly aggressive forms of MS, and who were not responsive to previous treatments, were relapse free for up to two years following the procedure. Read more about the treatment from Jennifer Molson, one of 24 trial participants:


Gut microbiome in youth living with MS
Tremlett and her team continue to study the gut microbiome which may tell us more about how it may influence the development of MS. Read more about this study:


Wellness and symptom management research driven by people living with MS
Using the results from our wellness survey, Team TBS – winners of the Hack4Health completion – came up with a creative technology solution for managing the symptoms of MS with the use of a specialized health monitoring wristband. Read more about their journey:

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