Get Mucked for MS

Get Mucked for MS

Geoff is one of the trainers at Fit Factory Fitness. We recently dropped in on him to get his professional advice on the best way to prepare for some of the obstacles you’ll face. 

I recently learned that Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world – but I also learned that we have some of the best researchers in the world working to find some answers. That’s why I’m supporting Muck MS Canada this Saturday in Hamilton, ON. Our team leader and creator Sgt. Tony A. designed the course where more than 800 people will run through 5km of mud and over 15 obstacles all in the name of doing whatever it takes to end MS. And I’ll be right there with you, pushing you to do your personal best.

If you’re already signed up for this event, chances are you’ve been training hard and getting yourself ready for the big day. I’m one of the trainers at Fit Factory Fitness and I took a look at some of my favourite obstacles and shared some easy ways to prepare – at home, in the gym, or at your office. 

A few pro tips to consider as you prepare for your first mud run:

  • Wear snug clothing. No pockets! They’ll fill up with mud and weigh you (or your pants) down.
  • Double (or triple) knot your shoes.
  • If possible, wear a moisture wicking layer underneath your clothes.
  • While goggles or sunglasses may seem like a good idea, they’ll get muddy quickly and make it hard to navigate the rest of the course.
  • Leave any jewelry at home – rings tend to slip off once your hands get muddy.
  • Remember that you’re there to get muddy. Black clothes are great, but for a shockingly great before & after picture, wear light colours!

Muck MS Canada is tons of fun, it brings people together, but it’s also a personal challenge, it’s good for you and most importantly, it’s good for every Canadian affected by MS. Thank you for being on #teamfight!

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