CanProCo Team

Behind the research: meet the CanProCo team

The Canadian Proactive Cohort Study for People Living with MS (CanProCo) is a revolutionary project in every sense of the word. Scope. Scale. Significance. It’s a unique study that combines the considerable scientific prowess of top researchers across Canada to focus on one major goal: understanding progression in MS. We caught up with some of the remarkable researchers leading the study to get their thoughts.

Dr. Nathalie Arbour, Centre de Recherche du CHUM

What is so unique about CanProCo compared to other initiatives out there?

En quoi l’étude CanProCo se distingue-t-elle des autres travaux de recherche en cours ou déjà réalisés?

Dr. Shannon Kolind, University of British Columbia

Dr. Larry Lynd, University of British Columbia

Dr. Jiwon Oh, University of Toronto

Dr. Scott Patten, University of Calgary

Dr. Alexandre Prat, Centre de Recherche du CHUM

What’s the importance of neuroimmunology in the cohort?

Quelle importance le volet axé sur la neuroimmunologie aura-t-il dans le cadre de l’étude de cohorte?

Dr. Roger Tam, University of British Columbia

Dr. Anthony Traboulsee, University of British Columbia

Dr. Wee Yong, University of Calgary

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