Post-election action

By Neil Pierce

Canadians across the country took to the polls last month to select our federal government. As a result, Canada has a new leader in Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party—and 199 new Members of Parliament are ready to hear about how they can effect change for people living with multiple sclerosis.

During the election, we highlighted some highly personal stories from people across the country who live with MS and have experienced difficulties in the workplace. The message was clear: change is needed.

We’re proud to say that Canadians rallied together and sent more than 14,000 letters to their local candidates, urging them to move forward on more flexible employment supports and improved income security programs for people living with MS and other chronic illnesses. The letters also emphasized the need for increased investment to speed up research to develop effective therapies for progressive MS and bring us closer to truly ending MS.

The excitement of election season may have died down, but it’s important not to lose momentum when advocating for change on behalf of people living with chronic illness. Now is the time to hold our newly elected government accountable for their promises–scroll through the images below to find out how we plan to do that: If you’re wondering how to get involved with your government now that the election is over, we suggest learning who your local MP is and reaching out to them with your thoughts and concerns.

This is how we’re going to hold our government accountable for their decisions. Are there other ways in which you’re advocating for change? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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National vice-president, government relations: passionate about grassroots work to ensure our governments are responsive to the needs of Canadians living with MS.

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