One phone call – a life changed forever.

Listen to the clip above to hear Allie’s reaction to the news of her scholarship.

I’m excited to announce that Allie Sherwin, whose mother Susan lives with primary-progressive MS, has been awarded the first-ever Follow the Leader scholarship. Unlike other scholarships, which cover only some of the costs of an education, this $100,000 scholarship will pay for Allie’s entire undergraduate degree at Western University in London, ON!

I had the pleasure of meeting Allie and her parents a few weeks ago. After I spoke with them, I felt so grateful to our amazing donors who allow us to offer programs that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. To make this scholarship possible, we’ve been working with KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation, who wanted to fund a scholarship for young people affected by MS. With the goal to fund an ambitious student’s entire undergraduate degree, KRG is specifically funding a scholarship in science that will hopefully lead to a career in MS research.

Susan has spurred Allie’s drive to better understand MS and work towards a career in science and ending the disease. As you can imagine, Allie was shocked when she heard the good news.

Between the amazing research grants and studentships offered through our research department and scholarships like Follow the Leader, I know that we are playing a vital role in supporting the young MS researchers and leaders of the future. I can’t wait to see what Allie accomplishes over the next four years at Western. We will be by her side, following and sharing her progress.

But I also know there are many students out there affected by MS who struggle to afford their education. We continue to look for donors who will help us offer more bursary money to a greater number of young people across Canada.

Over the years I have seen huge smiles at MS Summer Camp, watched and listened to interested participants at education sessions, and observed the relief on the faces of the beneficiaries of some of our volunteer legal assistance programs. But it’s not very often that we get to change the life of an individual–and by extension a family–with just one quick phone call!

Continue to read our blog for more updates on Allie in the future.

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