5 ways to party like a true Canadian

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—it’s time to ring in Canada’s birthday with barbeques and pool parties and fireworks!


What better way to show your Canadian pride than by teaming up to fight Canada’s disease? Join #TeamFight by throwing a party—here are five easy ways you can turn your Canada Day barbeque into a pledge to end MS.

1. Poutine a little effort


The devil’s in the details, especially when the details involve cheese curds and gravy!

A build-your-own-poutine bar is a fun way to keep your guests busy and well fed. Make it doubly thematic by serving up bite-sized poutine snacks with tiny decorative Canadian flags for extra Pinterest points! Can you think of a more delicious way to end MS?

2. O cannonball

Have a pool? Challenge your friends to a cannonball contest! Loser has to sing out loud … on video! And hey, why not make it O Canada?

3. Stick it to your guests


Maple glazed ribs, maple doughnuts, maple corn on the cob, maple sweet potatoes … all a great way to put a Canadian twist on your favourite barbeque classics!

Incorporate maple syrup into as many of your dishes as possible. It could mean that your Canada Day party plays a part in finding an end to MS that really sticks. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

4. Scantily plaid 

Who ever said our nation’s favourite checkered print is reserved for table cloths and flannels? Plaid shorts and swimwear are a great way to win “best dressed” at a Canadian-themed event! Challenge your friends to show up in their finest summer plaids to keep MS in check.

5. Toque the plunge 

Dive in, the water is fine! But don’t forget to wear your Canadian bathing cap: a toque.

If anything makes for a great photo op, it’s a bunch of party-goers donning winter headgear in a pool or a lake in July. Don’t have access to water? That’s what Super Soakers are for!

6. Pledge perfect (bonus)


All you need is a backdrop, your phone and some willing participants. People love party pics, so encourage your guests to take pledge pics in your Canadian-themed photo booth, which they can then post to social media using these hashtags: #endMS #TakethePledge #TeamFight

Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world, and as Canadians, it’s time for us to step up to the challenge by joining #TeamFight to #endMS. All of the funds raised through this campaign will go to funding important research to find the cure for this disease, and will help the MS Society to provide services to people living with multiple sclerosis and their families.

So what will you do? Flee or fight? Take the pledge at endms.ca/pledge


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