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We’ve just completed a significant year in serving Canadians living with multiple sclerosis! I’m Sylvia Leonard, national vice-president, talent, programs and services and I have the privilege of leading teams that work tirelessly to provide programs and services for Canadians affected by MS as well as support our volunteers and paid staff.

In 2014 we advanced our understanding of the needs of people affected by MS and became more effective in meeting these needs on a day-to-day basis. We were able to accomplish this work due to the feedback we received through the nation-wide, Listening to People Affected by MS initiative. We heard from more than 6,000 Canadians affected by MS, whose voices provided us with a richer understanding of the ways MS affects quality of life needs and barriers.

Learn more about what we heard and what we’re doing about it through the report Action on MS.

We recently launched the MS Society’s first nation-wide client services database, which means we now have a system that enables the team to more effectively assist you in finding your way through the “MS maze.” The database will allow us to assist you on your MS journey, in what we anticipate to be the delivery of seamless support and services regardless of where you live in Canada.

The client services database represents the building blocks for another crucial initiative in service delivery: the MS Knowledge Network. Our vision is that the network will allow people affected by MS to connect with a team of information and referral navigators, either through phone, email or social media, to access reliable information, referrals and support in a timely and meaningful way. Navigators will use the client services database and will be available for information and support across the country for extended hours.

We are working hard to realize our vision of the MS Knowledge Network – stay tuned for updates!

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Interim President and Chief Executive Officer. Working every day to improve the lives of Canadian affected by MS through conversation, improvement of services, and finding ways to improve quality of life.

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