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Happy New Year! It’s definitely winter out there – if it’s not snow, it’s the freezing weather that has been impacting most of the country from the beginning of January. Nothing reminds you that you’re Canadian like the feeling of burning cold air freezing your nostrils first thing in the morning as you scrape frost off your windshield.

So what to do? Make the most of it, of course. In fact, pretend it’s not winter, and participate in a bike ride: a bike ride to benefit MS. And where better to do that but Manitoba. It’s for real – you can join the Winter MS Bike – the first of its kind in Canada, taking place on Saturday, February 7 at Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park.

Winter MS Bike

This closed circuit ride offers participants the choice to ride a 3 km, 8 km or 11 km loop over through some pristine forest.

We’ll help you out by ensuring the route is groomed and provide warming huts throughout the course to give you a chance to recharge and heat up.

The funds you raise will move us forward with strategies to tackle progressive MS and support innovative research.

On another winter-related note – I was very fortunate to be able to cheer on Canada at the game when we took on Slovakia in the semi-final of the World Junior Championship in Toronto. The spirit in the stands was incredible, and as you know, Canada won the game, and we beat Russia in the finals.

Hockey may be our national winter pastime, but I think winter bike riding might have potential too! There is truly nothing like Canadian spirit and pride when it comes to our national hockey teams, and also our relentless push to fight Canada’s disease: multiple sclerosis.

It’s a reminder of what can be accomplished when we work together for a common goal.

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