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“Spotlight on the Future of MS Research”: endMS National Training Program

This year, the endMS National Training Program is excited to launch the 11th endMS SPRINT and 13th annual endMS Summer School competition!

The endMS National Training Program (NTP), an important initiative supported by the MS Society of Canada and led by Dr. Christina Wolfson. It aims to enhance knowledge and skills relevant to MS research, foster opportunities to conduct MS research in Canada and mentor trainees to continue to pursue MS research. The program has two components: endMS Summer School and an endMS Scholar Program for Researchers IN Training (endMS SPRINT). In 2019, Dr. Wolfson welcomed Dr. Nathalie Arbour and Dr. Marcia Finlayson as co-directors.

Launched in 2010, endMS SPRINT is year long program for graduate and post-doctoral students interested in further developing their knowledge and skills in MS research by taking part in interdisciplinary collaborative research and establishing valuable connections among peers in the field.The program emphasizes networking, mentorship and career development through collaboration with peers and senior researchers. To learn more about SPRINT click here.

“It has also been refreshing to engage in a new type of research in a different sub-field of MS that complements my own.” – Jessica Allanach, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia.

“Being able to read and understand quality research studies to a much greater extent that involve animal models and basic science techniques was a huge skill that I gained.” – Dr. John Farrell, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa.

In 2011, endMS Summer School was instated as a week-long educational program to bring together trainees to learn about a central MS-related research theme, which changes from year to year. Some themes include the “3 Ps of MS: Pain, Protection and RePair”, to the most recent meeting focused on “MS Bedside to Bench: A Primer in both MS Clinical Care and Roadmap for MS Research”. The University of Saskatchewan is excited to host this year’s virtual 2021 endMS Summer School being held June 7-9, 2021. The Summer School program features plenary sessions, workshops and career development sessions.  To learn more about Summer School click here.  

In 2020, the National Training Program offered virtual “endMS Summer School Bits and Bytes” sessions to allow for continued participation and collaboration. Read about highlights in this year’s program in the annual “Spotlight on the Future” Newsletter.

For more information about the 2021-2022 endMS SPRINT competition, please go to:

For more information on the program, please go to:

The deadline for submission of SPRINT applications is Wednesday, February 24 at 4pm Eastern time. The deadline for submission of Summer School applications is Friday, February 26 at 4pm EST.

  1. Shannon Waldron says:

    I believe I am too late to apply for the 2021 Summer School, However I have some questions about the summer school and the MS research. I have been recently Diagnosed with MS. I am a Dental Hygienist with a Masters Degree, I am interested in MS as an Infectious Disease.

    I just want to know if the Sprint would be available to Me.

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