Faces Behind The Science

Faces Behind the Science: Marc-André Lécuyer

Name: Marc-André Lécuyer

Affiliation: University of Gottingen

Stage of research: Postdoctoral fellowship

Focus on: Mechanisms of disease

How I’m involved with MS research: As someone deeply interested in biological sciences and immunology, I wanted my work to make a difference for people. MS can have a huge impact on people’s lives, particularly young people, and I hope to be able to contribute to finding a cure for this disease.

What I enjoy most about conducting research: Research is dynamic and forces you to think critically. It builds resilience in the face of challenges and encourages collaborative learning.

What is the focus of my research: I try to identify molecules that control the opening of the blood-brain barrier. This barrier protects the brain and the spinal cord. In MS patients, this barrier is open and the goal of my research is to make sure it stays closed.    

What would you ask someone living with MS that could help you design your study?: Would you prefer that researchers focus on relapsing-remitting MS or progressive MS?

  1. Mark Bernier says:

    I find the broad strokes of this research interesting. Could you provide a link to your CV and a synopsis of the hypothesis and methodology of your current study? In addition to English and German, are you fluent in any other languages?

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