Actrims forum 2019

Leading researchers to present on MS discoveries at the fourth annual ACTRIMS Forum 2019

The research team will be attending the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) Forum 2019. We are excited to hear about the latest and hottest news presented at this meeting held in Dallas, Texas from February 28-March 2.

Themed, “Precision Medicine Approaches for MS: Scientific Principles to Clinical Application,”, the forum is packed with leading researchers/clinicians presenting on hot topics in the field. Emerging concepts in MS, cutting edge developments, and biomarker measures of MS are sure to be news-worthy. Sessions are also planned with a focus on precision medicine and ranging from lessons that can be learned from other conditions to the current state in MS to informed algorithms and predictors of optimized treatment.  For more information, visit the ACTRIMS Forum 2019 site.

Stay tuned for more updates on #ACTRIMS over the next few days, both here on the blog and on Twitter at @Dr_KarenLee.

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