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ECTRIMS 2018: Catching up with the MS-Society funded collaborative team that is working to improve cognition in people with progressive MS

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada announced last month a $5 million grant in support of the first, international, multicenter clinical trial to investigate cognitive rehabilitation and aerobic exercise in improving cognition in people with progressive multiple sclerosis. Want more information on this trial? Check out the blog or MS Update. The research team had the opportunity to catch up with quite a few of the members coordinating and researching this project as they gathered at #ECTRIMS2018 to discuss project details.

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First, we would like to introduce you to Cecilia Meza, the study coordinator for the clinical trial:



Dr. Jeremy Chataway, from University College London, gives us information on trial design and explains its importance:



Dr. Anthony Feinstein, Sunnybrook Health Science Center, talks about the importance of synergy in the MS Society-funded clinical trial which includes 11 centres across six countries:



Dr. Nancy Chiaravalloti, from the Kessler Foundation, speaks about the importance of cognition and cognitive rehabilitation in MS and how it relates to the clinical trial:



Dr. Rob Motl, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, talks about the importance of evaluating if exercise will improve cognition:



Dr. Amber Salter, from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and Dr. Garry Cutter, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, discuss statistics and data management in this trial:



Finally, we hear from Cecilia again on how individuals with progressive MS can join the trial:


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