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World MS Trend Day

Kayla Chatkiewicz has a goal: make #CureMS trend on social media tomorrow. As the creator of the Stop Drop Selfie for MS social media campaign, Kayla is no stranger to using social media to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis. This July 31 marks World MS Trend Day, an awareness effort that Kayla and Randy Patrick (founder of the Must Stop MS support group) began in 2013. This year they are setting their sights high and calling for an international effort to educate people about MS with the reach of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



The best part of this campaign is that you can easily participate. This Friday, tell people what you wish they knew about MS: tweet a fact, share an article or video to your Facebook page or upload a picture to Instagram that illustrates your connection to the disease. But most importantly, use the hashtag #CureMS in all your posts and ask people to do the same!

Join #TeamFight and contribute to the #CureMS conversation this July 31.

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