“I ride because I can.”

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of uncertainty. Symptoms are different for everyone, and a person’s level of ability can change over time. When I talk to people who live with MS and ride in the MS Bike every year, a lot of people tell me, “I do the MS Bike because I can.”


It’s a simple yet powerful answer – it’s about living in the moment because of the unknowns MS can bring. When I see cyclists wearing “I have MS, that’s why I ride” bike jerseys, I know their choice to participate is a personal one.

Our first MS Bike tour happened in 1989, in Brampton, ON. Since 1991, we’ve designed many different MS Bike jerseys for cyclists who live with MS and for those who raise $1,000 or more. Many of our participants have a proud collection of jerseys that reminds them of the times they spent on the road, with their family and friends, raising money for research that has since inched us closer to a world in which MS doesn’t exist.

The MS Bike jersey is a coveted piece of pride for cyclists, and it’s great to see just how many people have an MS Bike jersey on tour day. This Friday, May 22, we’re encouraging everyone with an MS Bike jersey to wear their jerseys to work – whether you have MS, know someone living with MS or participate in MS Bike for other reasons, the jersey is a conversation piece that will encourage your colleagues to ask: what does your jersey mean to you? That’s when you can tell your MS Bike story and ask people to join you on your ride – you may even get a few new team members out of it!

If you haven’t yet, you can still register for MS Bike at msbike.ca

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