Tax credits for Canadians impacted by MS – they don’t go far enough

It’s tax season in Canada. For many of us, this means finding out which tax credits we can benefit from. Some people living with MS and their families, however, won’t benefit from these tax credits as a result of their income being too low, or not meeting the eligibility criteria. In fact, often if they are eligible, the credit isn’t high enough to make a significant difference to their bottom line.

Financial worries were highlighted as top concerns in the Listening to People Affected by MS Initiative. We heard from individuals like Jonathan who are concerned about being able to provide for their families.

These monetary concerns are very real for families affected by MS. That is why the MS Society calls on the Government of Canada to take ACTION on MS to not only increase the tax credits, but to make them refundable, putting money in the pockets of those that need it most.

Join the fight and help MS Ambassadors like Jonathan advocate for better income supports to improve the lives of Canadians affected by MS.

Together we can make a difference.

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National vice-president, government relations: passionate about grassroots work to ensure our governments are responsive to the needs of Canadians living with MS.

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