Will you flee or fight?

I was shocked. People I spoke to were shocked. And now that we’re telling everyone, they’re telling us they’re shocked too.

What are they shocked about? That Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world. And we’re not going to be quiet about it.

Maybe you saw our ad in the Globe and Mail:

This is just the beginning – we’re going out loudly to tell all Canadians that MS is Canada’s disease, and it’s time that everyone joins the fight. As a nation, we need to get off the fence and take a stand.

I’m asking you to get involved too. Because there are more shocking facts about MS:

  • 3:1 ratio of MS in women compared to men
  • Up to 80% of Canadians with MS are unemployed
  • Canadians as young as 2 years old are developing MS

Flee or Fight is our new campaign that reveals just how prevalent multiple sclerosis is in Canada and that together, we need to work to find a cure. You’re going to see it on your television screens, in print, and on billboards across this country in the weeks to come. Check us out online too at endMS.ca to learn more about Flee or Fight and to get a better understanding of why MS is so widespread in Canada.

Over the next few weeks, if you chose to Fight, you will be presented with powerful stories of MS and engaging in the lives of those who live with MS every day.

You will also learn about a Canadian success story: the story of MS research. If any country will find a cure for MS, it will be Canada.

And view our campaign and share on YouTube – join me in raising awareness of multiple sclerosis – Canada’s disease.

Will you flee? Or will you fight?

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