My day in Vancouver

I’m here in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Today I met with the CEO of the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), Dr. Karimah Es Sabar. As you may recall, the MS Society announced an important collaboration with CDRD earlier this year. This collaboration is critical for the development of new treatments for MS and to ultimately find a cure.

Of course, today I will also be visiting an A&W restaurant for Cruisin’ to end MS, where $1 for every Teen Burger® purchased will go to help end MS. I encourage everyone to visit an A&W today where direct donations can be given as well.

The MS Society is grateful for your support and dedication to this important cause. With your help, more research can be done to better understand what causes MS and to ultimately discover a cure.

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National vice-president, research, past MS researcher, and PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from University of Ottawa. Leads the MS Society's research program to find the cure for MS and improve the quality of life for people affected by the disease.

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