The 2013 MS Society of Canada endMS Conference begins today!

The MS Society research team and I have arrived at St. Sauveur, Québec for the 2013 endMS Conference. Manoir St. Sauveur, – the venue for the weeklong meeting – offers a beautiful view of the small but charming ski town, which is now a vision in white as snow begins to fall on the ground, trees, and shops.

I am truly excited for what is to come in the days to follow. Over 250 participants have registered for the conference, including researchers, trainees, neurologists, MS nurses, volunteers, staff, donors and industry representatives. This makes the endMS Conference the largest MS research and training conference in the country. We have all come together to exchange ideas and approaches in science, learn about the latest advancements in MS research, provide opportunities for junior investigators to learn from world renowned MS experts, and collaborate and network.

Although many of the conference attendees are from regions across Canada, I am delighted to note that there will be a number of international guests who will also be present. The endMS conference continues to be a multifaceted platform for collaboration in research, which is critical in advancing scientific discoveries and moving one step closer to developing effective treatments and a cure for MS.

The conference program, which commences tonight and runs until Friday, will involve a series of keynote presentations on various topics in MS research, workshops for trainees and poster presentations, during which researchers will display their data on posters and engage in interactive discussions with other conference participants.

I will be posting updates on the blog throughout the week, so please visit back shortly to see what is happening here at Manoir St. Sauveur. In the meantime here are some snapshots of the conference so far.

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National vice-president, research, past MS researcher, and PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from University of Ottawa. Leads the MS Society's research program to find the cure for MS and improve the quality of life for people affected by the disease.

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