An introduction to poster sessions

Many of us are familiar with posters. We hang them up in our rooms, around the house, in our office spaces, etc. But what many people are not as familiar with are scientific posters. Scientific posters are a fundamental component of any scientific conference, as they provide a snapshot of the breadth of research that is happening in Canada and around the world.

When I attend a research conference, I very much look forward to seeing the posters that are on display. These posters are created by researchers and clinicians, who present their research methods and data on a poster for all to see.

Sometimes you will find a researcher standing next to their poster, which is always ideal as you can chat with them about their work and learn from what they have done and observed in their study. If they are not at the poster, that is fine as well. In those instances I simply observe the poster, and come back another time to see if the researcher is around to ask questions or have a discussion.

Posters are a great way to visually display the details of a research study. When viewing a scientific poster, you might see things like images of the lab or experiment set-up, charts and tables containing data, and other images that assist the researcher in explaining their work to their audience. You may also see text describing the study further, and details on the researcher’s academic institution and collaborators.

Here are some images from the poster session at this year’s endMS Conference:

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